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about us

Our Mission is to help you "make your money make some money".

 In this constantly shifting economy, customers and institutions are increasingly in need of custom-tailored financial plans to help them meet their specific goals by first creating an optimal cash flow by decreasing your debt. Our firm is committed to developing solutions that are on target with your needs, and to implement them competently, responsibly and with confidence. It is our policy to provide independent and sound investment advice whatever your financial situation. We take an integrated approach that takes into consideration what is most prudent and beneficial for you.

 What distinguishes us from our competitors is we are result drive. We want to see you succeed in being debt free, achieve your financial goal, take a vacation without having to sell yourself to overtime or a third part-time job. We will teach you principals needed to achieve optimal results. DEBTXIT is truly focused on providing obtainable solution to your financial freedom. 

 At DEBTXIT, we work independently and are not influenced by nor are we obligated to banks or other financial service providers. We help define your financial goals and develop a financial plan based upon information you provide. Our program is based on your decision to eliminate your debt and free your mind from worry and financial anxieties. We make recommendations to eliminate your debt based the information shared as well as your specific goals. Though it is not required we suggest that DEBTXIT customers consider having a percentage of their income designated to their savings account.